Issues in Managing International Student Recruitment and Admission

Did you wish that:
• You could support your internationalization processes with a single and simple software solution that can be interfaced with your other administration systems?
• You could gather all communication with potential/prospective students in one dossier?
• You could involve all relevant experts in answering potential/prospective student questions?
• All necessary communication during the long process of inquiry, application and admission could be fully customized and automated?
• You could follow progress on applications to ensure each and every student is processed within agreed time limits?
• You could manage all processes in relation to international education (including inter-institutional agreement and exchanges, student housing, as well as the processes mentioned above) in one unified system?
• You could create reports on all aspects of the inquiry, application, and admission processes at any level of aggregation?

These questions read like the wish list of every Director International and were on the wish list of our current partners. We have listened to them carefully and produced a software solution called oIEM to meet their requirements.

Online International Education Management

Is better known as oIEM and designed initially in collaboration with Leiden University to service the needs of their International Office in managing all processes related international education. Presently it is used by our three university clients. oIEM is highly customizable, user friendly and responds dynamically to stakeholder’s needs. It does all this in one integrated system. oIEM is built around the people-event concept. Things happen to people over time. Those events that are of interest in the interaction between an institution and its students are recorded in this system together with all relevant information. The entire process is manageable in terms of the time it may take and the system ensures that everyone is taken care of.

Features of oIEM

The system is comprehensive as it will help you manage the following processes:

o Online inquiries from interested students
o Online applications from full degree (undergraduate and postgraduate) students, exchange and study abroad students
o Processing from application to admission (fully electronic dossiers)
o Processing of visa, residence and working permits
o Basic financial interactions, including payments, refunds, and installment plans
o Housing reservation and placement
o Flexible, customizable reporting at any level of aggregation
o Authorization of end-user access
o Management of scholarships in terms of availability and entitlement
o Management of inter-institutional agreements for student and staff mobility
o Management of knowledge about individual academic international collaboration
o Automatic provision of diploma evaluation information to stakeholder making the admission decision
o Throughput in terms of timeliness and according to agreed processing times by stakeholders involved in the various processes (workflow)
o Contact management to assist in the recruitment of students

The system is highly customizable by system managers, thus:

o End users can be giving those menu items they need for their work with proper read/write rights (fully customizable menus)
o Data access can be limited to areas functional to the end user’s needs
o All communications can be fully customized in terms of who receives what, when, and with which variable text depending on what is appropriate. All communication can be created from scratch together with triggers and schedule for sending. You determine the style of and manner in which communications are executed.
o Typology, naming and availability of programs, and entry examinations are fully customizable (the database remains in tune with your institutional offerings)
o Tuition and other fees and the payment thereof are fully customizable

The system responds dynamically to the stakeholder:

o Adapt the online application form in respect of student information
o Whether a student requires a visa and dynamically assigns appropriate tuition fees
o Wherever possible multiple choice answers are used and these are where appropriate constrained by earlier information provided (user friendly)

Other general features:

o All automated or incidental communications are stored in the student dossier or where appropriate in an inter-institutional agreement dossier
o All documentation required for applications can be uploaded by the students
o All data from the system can be exported in spreadsheets or text files
o System is, if required, integrated with your institutional LDAP
o Secure system access (SSL/HTTPS) via browsers is location and platform independent

About us

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